BFO3398 – Tin of Joy

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day, a technology update and some voiceletters. Happy VD Weekend!

BFO2879 – VD Week 2019

The Fat One kicks off VD Week with a recap of his weekend and the answer to an ongoing question since before Chrima. Happy National Peppermint Patty Day.

BFO2621 – Loin of Beef

The Fat One kicks off VD week with some special music, the weekend recap and news about Pride48 in New Orleans PLUS a So-So question! Happy Abe Lincoln Day.

BFO1838 – Take Out the Trash

The Fat One kicks off VD Week with nattering about the first half of the weekend and a special VD Week song and theater story. Happy Pizza Pie Day.


BFO1577 – VD Week 2014

Poodle and Squeaky Kitty have big news today and the Fat One recaps the weekend which included the coupon and a visit to the P.O. Box. Happy Cream Cheese
Brownie Day.


BFO793 – Out With The Old…

The Fat One has a special VD show for everyone to enjoy that talks about moving on from the old and experiencing the NEW in your lives.  Plus there’s lots of music and a reminder about a special quiz program tonight.  Many thanks to Miss LaLaLaLauren for the fabulous show art.  Send her some Twitty love telling her you appreciate her talents.  Happy VD!

BFO530 – Corny Puffs

Dear Gussie…. someone may have had an adult beverage prior to recording BUT you’ll enjoy hearing Guru Nudie’s phonecall in the “Jeremiah Olypmics – Podcasting Gold” which starts today.  Get your phone call into the bag phone during this VD Weekend!  Special thanks to Miss LaLaLa Lauren for today’s great artwork!

BFO528 – Two Big Announcements

It’s Hump Day but get ready for a very special show today which includes voiceletters, a lesson on the term “piss poor” and other various and sundry nattering.  Special thanks to Miss Lauren for today’s special artwork.

BFO527 – Goggling Cockles

The Fat One is kicking off VD Week with a favorite song and then talks about everything from chips to ketchup packets.  There’s even a couple of voiceletters too!  Happy National Pistachio Day (vile!)

BFO269 – How Unlucky!

The Sea Hag is back to make your Friday the 13th unlucky early… it has to get better after this.  Call BF 4 VD.  Happy Weekend!