9 thoughts on “BFO269 – How Unlucky!

  1. Aww, what a wonderful treat again today – you make life on the Faroe Islands much more
    bearable. My two great heros on one show made my day again.
    Thanks darlings!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweethearts!

    You are the role models of the podosphere! (how disturbing is that?!)

  2. You both need do perform together on a regular basis –
    You are like the new Golden Girls (hey, the total weight would just be the same)

    Just one thing Vera, BF is not hate-filled, he is ham-filled 🙂

    VD hearts to you!

    PS: The unlucky chocolate story made me laugh on a (for me) else sorrowfilled and bad day.
    Thanks dears xo

  3. Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart ! ! !

    Hey BF,
    My friend Brian was just here for our quilting night. He was letting me listen to other gay podcast shows. I still feel you are so much better than all of them. I guess because you are more of my style, down home, so friendly, and honest, and gassy..LOL. I love to hear you laugh and making us laugh. Hey, have you ever heard of The Big Men in the Desert Weekend? It takes place at the CCBC in Palm Springs, CA. It used to take place twice a year once in the fall and once in the spring.
    Tell Auntie Vera hello for me.

  4. When I was a boy, we were forced—forced, mind you—to give Valentines to ALL the kids in our class, even those who were socially outcast. It was completely embarassing tohave to give those kids Valentines.

    Now, New Zealand—I think I may have heard of that before.

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