BFO268 – Conscience and The Sea Hag are Here!

Oh Lord….. the Sea Hag is doing some sort of sea chanty so Conscience steps in to fill the airwaves at the start of the Abe Lincoln Day show.  Don’t forget that VD is Saturday and 1/2 price candy is Sunday.


6 thoughts on “BFO268 – Conscience and The Sea Hag are Here!

  1. I agree with Arthur… much as I LOVE Auntie, you couldn’t come up with any other podcasters to talk to? We have Auntie Vera for 4 days??? hehehe…just teasing of course….love you both!

  2. Lovies,

    If you listen closely you will hear that ‘the fat thing’ asked if I could think of any other podcasters that I wanted to “gossip” about. Since I am not down in the muck and mire that ‘the fat thing’ wallows in, I chose to rise above and NOT gossip about any of my fellow podcasting lovies. Had he said “are there any other podcasters that you love…” well…that would have been a different story!

    Hope that helps kisses,

  3. That clarifies it perfectly, Auntie. I actually can’t imagine you gossiping about podcasters though, of course, conscience might under the right circumstances (like, you’re out of the room…). Big Fatty doesn’t usually gossip: He just borrows audio clips (which, just between us, is actually funnier).

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