4 thoughts on “BFO1094 – Rabbit Fricassee

  1. Hey BF,

    Now, I am disapointed terribly (snif, snif, with a tears slowly runny down my cheeks and no, not my ass cheeks). I was waiting for Friday, today, for you to open our card Brian and I sent you for Easter. I am pretty sure it was one of the cards you got the other day. It was a silly card but I thought you would enjoy it, or maybe you already opened it and thought it to rediculous to put on the little show, I am sorry if you thought this.

    Happy Easter Big Fatty and to one and all….

    David in Denver

  2. I am so upset that I can not even spell the word…running …..in my last post. Tears are blinding me from watching what I am doing.

    JK…its ok BF I know you are forgetful…I think we should rename you to BOFF

    Big Old Forgetful Fatty

    You give it to him good Poodle, for forgetting (big sigh), again.

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