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  1. Poor miss Beavoir!
    But who doesn’t love the flavour of a nice, large, ripe and juicy pair?

  2. Hey BF,
    Well I do have some slides of me on that day my sister has those now, but I have a copy of our home movies on DVD now and yes there is a segment of my first day of school, kindergarten. Dad started me at home all dressed up in gold pants lighter gold oxford type shirt and a gold sweeter. Coming out the our front door of our house standing on the steps and my little sister had to stand up right there with me, she just could not let me be, always by my side.. Mom was taking the still pictures she did not like my collar of my shirt and in the movie she came up to me to adjust that. Then the next segement you see is me walking up the door to the school, now this is a country school meaning 2 to 3 grades in each class. Well, as I am walking to the door you can see walking by the teachers cars and then I open the door and walk in. Yes, and the two cars you see I still know to this day which teacher had which car. We had a hot lunch program at our school so I did not take a lunch pail or box. Let me tell you those cooks new how to fix good food. Our kitchen for the small school was in the basement of one of the two buildings that were attached. I still remember about the Kindergarten class we had large T-pee we made as a class, which we could read books on the inside. In our classroom and we eventually had a small store to buy things such as old toys and the like, we would use real pennies, dimes, and nickels, to use. We had to learn how to spend money to get items, and this was an all day kindergarten. I still remember Mrs. Chesley, she was a great lady. Even then when her two sons would come to class once in a while to help out, they were several years older than we, were really hot looking.

  3. One more thing, we had milk in the afternoon for snack and of course if any student brought birthday treats for the class that is when we would have them. We could buy another milk if we wished and on Fridays we had chocolate milk. We would keep change in our desks for another milk if we wished to buy one. One student would pass out the milk, another would pass out small straws. We had several jobs do in our class rooms through my years at that school, like taking the dam chalk board erasers outside and beat them together or on each other as I remember, there were usually two of us that had that job.

  4. Oh I love that Absolute Pear! Mix it up with some seltzer and a squeeze of lemon, or try shaking it up with some pineapple juice!

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