BFO3502 – Something Light

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day, to include the coupon, and some advice from the heart. Happy National Chocolate with Almonds Day.

BFO3420 – Cold Feet and Hands

The Fat One is back with a recap of his day and a song of encouragement for you to listen to (especially the words). Happy National Artichoke Hearts Day.

BFO3163 – Used Iron

The Fat One is back with a recap of his weekend and some good thoughts about how things are changing for everyone. Happy National Melba Toast Day.

BFO3098 – Santa’s Little Helper

Merry Chrima! If Santy Claus didn’t bring you enough, the Fat One has a giftette of a LITTLE show for you filled with a little wisdom, some cards and giftettes and a review of his day in Fat Acres. Happy National Fruit Cake Month!

BFO3095 – Be Selfish!

The Fat One closes out the week with a recap of his day in Fat Acres, the opening of cards and some Chrima memories and advice. Happy last weekend before Chrima!

BFO3085 – I Gasped!

The Fat one is on his way to Hatlanta but recorded this LITTLE show before leaving. There’s lots of voiceletters and some music plus some wise (hopefully) words for this having some holiday anxiety or the blues! Happy Weekend!

BFO2473 – Rear View Mirror

The Fat One has a history lesson today before moving on to the coupon, a unsuccessful visit to Spotting Big Fatty and lots of Ask Big Fatty questions. Happy National Lollipop Day.

BFO2411 – Customer Retention

The Fat One has some wise word before sharing a bonus coupon, some voice letters and closing out with some nattering about the Villa. Happy National Cheese Fondue Day.

BFO2387 – Bernice’s Train Case

The Fat One brings you up-to-date on what’s been going on since Sunday afternoon plus there’s a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and some nattering about LITTLE shows. Happy Humping!

BFO2292 – Pill Box

The Fat One has a LITTLE show filled with some nattering, the coupon and the Vader, No Bacon Show. Happy National Vanilla Cupcake Day.