BFO338 – Off to the Chicargos

Up, up and away!  The Fat One is flying to the IML in the Chicargos for a long weekend of fun and excitement.  But before hoisting on the plane, BF wants you to vote for the Biloxi Blues Boys at  Happy Thursday!


7 thoughts on “BFO338 – Off to the Chicargos

  1. I LOVE Teaberry gum. When I worked at Michael’s Arts & Crafts, we used to sell the “Throwback Candy”…and I always had some Teaberry. Yum!

  2. I gave the other 372 pictures 1 star – I hope that helps.
    (Kidding -)

    Hey BF – my LFCv2 is stuck on 7 – can you help me???

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