BFO336 – The Hamisol

It’s a ROUGH start but BF brings the train into the station with some breaking news and a Cruise Update!  Huh?


Lots of Love for BF

David and Brian in Denver are sooooo talented and have blown BF away with the handmade quilt they sent.  It’s about 9 feet wide and 11 feet long and has 81 individual squares plus 3 colorful borders…. and too many pigs (bacon-to-be) to count.  It is absolutely unbelieveable.  Heres are some photos which do not do it justice.





BFO335 – Double Birthdays

The Fat One is still having upload problems but made a special trip into the Coal Mine to make sure the Monday show arrived ON TIME!  Look for spme special photos here at the BFO around Noon eastern time today.


Chicargo Hootenanny


Big Fatty is hoping you can attend the Chicargo Hootenanny on Saturday, May 23 at 7pm.  It will be at Bucks Saloon at 3439 Halstead (between W. Roscoe St. and W. Cornelia Ave.).  Come enjoy some fun and adult beverages.  Drop BF a note if you can attend… he’s making his list (and checking it twice).

BFO334 – A Quarter is Like $20

FINALLY got the show to upload at the Coal Mine.

Today the Fat One chitta-chats about a special card, some quiz programs and more before taking a voiceletter.  Happy weekend!


BFO333 – Sweet Dreams

Big Fatty is tired and then gets a sugar rush and is just plain giddy by the time he answers an “Ask Big Fatty” question at the end.  Happy Thursday to all!  (Sorry about the Wednesday show mix-up.)


BFO332 – Pride 48

The Fat One has lots to say about the Pride 48 hootenanny coming up in June and also has time for some voiceletters.  Happy Hump Day.


BFO331 – Stack o’Stuff

The Fat One is at the dentist today but yacked about a stack of stuff in the International Podcast Center.  There’s lots of information and even an answer to an “Ask Big Fatty” question.  Happy National Nutty Fudge Day.


BFO330 – Gathering of Dysfunctionality

The Fat One recaps the weekend telling about an exploding toilet, the hats, the coupon and much more.  PLUS the Chicargo Hootenanny location is revealed.  Happy Monday!