New Show Now at the iTunes.

The Fat One uploaded the Tuesday show again but it has been corrected now.  Poor Big Fatty.  Womp Womp  To get the new show you can:

1.  Listen ONLINE

2.  Wait and download it tomorrow.

3.  Unsubscribe (from Auntie Vera) and resubscribe (to

4 thoughts on “New Show Now at the iTunes.

  1. oh lord I had to unsubscribe to get the new episode …. I admit it felt a bit tingly 🙂 but only for one very short and guilty moment.
    I would never unsubscribe – you are my hero BigFatty 🙂

  2. When I read this, I read it in the “big fatty impersonation voice.” Well… except for the womp womp!

  3. Hey there Big Fatty. I wanted to let you know that the ” special bacon quilt ” that Brian and I had recently finished is on its merry way to you. Brian sent it out today, so it should be there within a few days. We hope you will like it, and that you think of us when your are under it and as we thought of you, as we laughed at you and with you listening to your podcasts, while it was being constructed. There has been a lot of TLC energy put it into it.

    Your Two Biggest Fans

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