BFO333 – Sweet Dreams

Big Fatty is tired and then gets a sugar rush and is just plain giddy by the time he answers an “Ask Big Fatty” question at the end.  Happy Thursday to all!  (Sorry about the Wednesday show mix-up.)


7 thoughts on “BFO333 – Sweet Dreams

  1. Sounds to me like Ms Beaver wants you to visit her cousin more often. All that sugar is going to wreak havoc on your last good tooth.

    Here’s a throwback for ya – remember when all cereals had sugar in their names? Sugar Frosted Flakes, Sugar Smacks, and Sugar Pops?

    I did have to giggle when you mentioned the wax lips. I loved those!

  2. “If you like chicken dogs”,…………….ok, this can go so many ways and none of them are good.



  3. MMMM..vanilla bb bats. Also yummy-wax bottles,mini Reese’s peanut butter cups,Charleston chews,swedish fish,red hot dollars,flying saucers,sugar babies,Bazooka bubble gum,hot tamalies,rock candy,Mallow cups.Not yummy-pixie sticks,sour Now and Laters,Zotz.,strawberry bb bats.

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