9 thoughts on “BFO334 – A Quarter is Like $20

  1. The fingers you have used to podcast with are too fat. To obtain a special typing wand, please mash the keyboard now.

  2. well, i TRIED on friday morning…. and no show even existed!
    so, now i am trying on Friday night…. and nope, still RUINED!

    > please supply error reports in AEST*. thank you.


    * Australian Eastern Standard Time.

  3. Computra! Initiate un-subscribe sequence, authorization B(ravo) – F(oxtrot) – O(scar) – 3 – 3 – 4!

    (Majel Barrett voice) Skull kandy unsubscription sequence, confirmed. Computra will self-unsubscribe in 334 minutes.

    Big Fatty! Don’t wear the red shirt!

  4. Woo Hoo! Checked again before leaving for the coal mine. And, looks like the Fat One is learning how to use those computras afterall. Not so ruined morning … yet.

  5. My cousin is a vile bitch – sorry for that horrible picture. I know that you have more than 4 teeth! I hope you enjoyed star trek – I loved it. Uhura was a bit lame just like Scottie – but I think they did a great job. Can’t wait for the next movie, or will it be a series?

  6. Do I smell publicity stunt? No? Well, I guess it must be bacon!

    Good to have you back in the earbuds, Big Fatty.

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