8 thoughts on “BFO330 – Gathering of Dysfunctionality

  1. Unnerving parents must be a universal law of physics or something. But the fact that they have a son like you can only mean that they are great people.
    You little toilet wrecking brother, is it possible that he likes ham a lot, too?
    There is only one thing more ruined than a dysfunctional family – a dysfunctional toilet. I hope Dr. Poo has it fixed by now 🙂

  2. “Removed” means your relation to someone has skipped a generation. Your First Cousin’s son (let’s call him “It”) is your First Cousin, Once Removed. If you were unwise enough to procreate, your children, should they survive, would be Second Cousins to Cousin It, but would be First Cousins, Once Removed to Cousin It’s parent. your First Cousin.

  3. Oh, Fatty, you lucky duck! You will simply ADORE “Summer Heights High.”

  4. You answered my question, you know the one ;). But why did you use a picture of Mr. Hat as your cover art on Mothers Day instead of Mrs. Hat?

  5. I thought I was listening to your show for a second time when Archerr opened his mail and received the same DVD as you. Only difference is, he had no problem saying it was from Larken.

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