BFO335 – Double Birthdays

The Fat One is still having upload problems but made a special trip into the Coal Mine to make sure the Monday show arrived ON TIME!  Look for spme special photos here at the BFO around Noon eastern time today.


3 thoughts on “BFO335 – Double Birthdays

  1. Wow – what a fabulous gift!!! Where did they find enough fabric to produce something that could cover the Fat One? 🙂

    We need to see pictures of this quilt!

    Glad you enjoy the sweets 🙂 and thanks for the birthday wishes!

    xo kb

  2. Thinkin’ that with that new quilt, Big Fatty will turn into a “snuggler”. What do you think, Archerr?

    Who knew?

    BTW, love the the way you’ve decorated your new chat room, BF.

    What do you think of the decorations, DanielBeaver and KimBrewer?

    What? Oh, I thought this was the new BFO chat room.


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