Lots of Love for BF

David and Brian in Denver are sooooo talented and have blown BF away with the handmade quilt they sent.  It’s about 9 feet wide and 11 feet long and has 81 individual squares plus 3 colorful borders…. and too many pigs (bacon-to-be) to count.  It is absolutely unbelieveable.  Heres are some photos which do not do it justice.





19 thoughts on “Lots of Love for BF

  1. and so useful – you won’t have to be cold in that sling of yours anymore, and we all know how easily the elderly get cold – esp. when suspended in mid-air 🙂

  2. I don’t know if I’m more stunned by this absolutely gorgeous quilt, or by the fact that I’ve seen Big Fatty’s stage of horror. I friggin’ LOVE the quilt.

  3. Amazing doesn’t cover it (pun intended). That is a lot of friggin’ work!

    Other than the time it took to put it together the artistry alone is amazing. Crazy quilts are a lot harder to do than you think. It’s suppose to have a bit of a random effect but doing it where everything pulls together for a pleasing finished product is difficult. The guys spent a lot of time laying this out or someone has a very good natural feel for this sort of thing.

    If you didn’t cry when you opened this I just about did! You are one lucky piggy!



  4. Soooooo-eeeeee! What a great present! You’re one lucky fella, Big Fatty.

    And here I was thinkin’ you deserved a medal. What you really deserve are folks who appreciate the entertainment you provide 5 days a week… and you’ve got em! Congrats!

  5. Wonderful quilt! and I know because I do quilting. Wonder what Montana Joe says?

  6. If these 2 guys are not walking around Denver in BFO t-shirts by next week…..

  7. Wow amazing job and that must have taken hours and hours to complete! I agree with Archer they must really love the Big Fatty like we all do!

    Big Fatty’s going to end up spoiled like Veruca Salt…

  9. That is amazing. The stitching is is great and the layout is wonderful. Great work guys. BF you are one lucky man.

  10. The quilt certainly shows what people think about the Big Fatty. I’m blown away by the effort those guys put into the quilt for you. We all appreciate and love the energy and wit you put into your shows. Thank you.

    Now, get to Chicargo! Want to hear details….

  11. Oh My!!!! DAVID YOU DID A GREAT JOB!!!! BF David in Denver is my friend and twas he that introduced me to you!!! hehehe God bless

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