BFO1244 – Fine Upbringing

Poor Big Fatty… he get’s all confused and admits it on today’s LITTLE show. There’s talk of flu shots, podcast awards and some BFO Census forms finally get read. Happy National Deviled Egg Day (VULGAH)! FALL BACK on Sunday.

BFO475 – Semen Displacement Hypothesis

Dear Gussie… from that title who knows what the Fat One is nattering about today.  Get ready for a recap of some of the LONG weekend and the arrival of the 2nd Chrima card to the BFO.  And remember that today is the LAST DAY to vote for the BFO at podcastawardscom.


BFO460 – Swollen Head

The Fat One has such a jam-packed show that he doesn’t even get through the entire weekend of Coal Mining events.  There’s exciting news to share with everyone.  Happy National Vegetabletarian Month.