BFO460 – Swollen Head

The Fat One has such a jam-packed show that he doesn’t even get through the entire weekend of Coal Mining events.  There’s exciting news to share with everyone.  Happy National Vegetabletarian Month.


8 thoughts on “BFO460 – Swollen Head

  1. Big fatty

    U never mentioned before that coal mining ran in your family!! 

    How come your little brother turned out so NORMAL then?! 

  2. Indeed, how can one not vote for the crucible of innovation that is the BFO.
    Actually, could it count as a protest-vote?

    I will go on the record and say it here, though: I’m very disappointed that Vera’s show didn’t make it. Conscience and Gooch are ace.

  3. This is what I get for listening to your show. I don’t mind recipes. I hate codpasters who bore the crap out of us by reading recipes on the air.

    Though it’s not in my nature to correct people, it must be said: it was Sally FIELD who said “you like me, you really like me” at the Oscars. Sally Struthers was never nominated for an Oscar, though she won several Emmys for All in the Family before she got fat.

  4. Atta boy, Big Brother! I knew somebody as gassy as you could rise to the top.

    Get it?




    Seriously, it would be a hoot if you won against FOF, and I’ll do my part to make sure you get as many votes as you can!

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