BFO468 – The Wise, Old Fatty

The Fat One gets up on his soapbox to just remind everyone that life wasn’t meant to be easy and that we all need to look out for ourselves and each other…. kinda serious but not too bad.  Plus it’s the return of “Memory Lane” music.  Happy Thursday!


14 thoughts on “BFO468 – The Wise, Old Fatty

  1. Is this coincidence or Fatty Magic again…?

    The Beaver by chance is in a kinda “Meh”-situation/mood at present – BigFatty’s boot in the arse has actually been helpful today. Believe me, there is nothing more sour than a bitter Beaver….

    So, thanks for a more serious BFO this time. It made me cry, but in a good way I suppose 🙂

    xo kb

    PS: I adore bewitched. I always wanted to be like Endora and usually ended up a Mrs Kravitz

  2. Oh, amen, Big Fatty! I used to think exactly like you do, but I’ve allowed myself to be cowed by other’s neuroses (“You can’t eat alone in a restaurant!” “You can’t go to a bar by yourself – a woman can’t drink alone!” etc., etc.). It’s so refreshing to hear someone else say you don’t need someone surgically connected to your hip to live. You are truly the Troy to my Abed.

  3. When I turned 21, some bitter old queen at a bar told me, “Enjoy it, honey, you’ve got 4 years left,” so I would say that 25 is “dead” in gay years. Thirty, for me, was rebirth.

  4. (Yeah, I comment while I listen…) Any homosexual who did not automatically know today’s memory lane music as soon as you said the clue should turn in their Bed Bath and Beyond discount card and give away all their personal lubricant. It’s just shameful to think of a polesmoker who doesn’t worship Endora.

  5. Oh Big Fatty! You’re so full of wisdom. We have to talk sometime. I’m doing the whole quarter life crisis crap and hitting brick walls wherever I go.

  6. just days away from turning FORTY, and I am trying to remember what the BFO said in this podcast.
    damn it janet, if only iTurds didn’t auto-delete stuff.

    oh well. time to start drinking i suppose. Life will be over in 10 days time.

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