7 thoughts on “BFO470 – Nitty Gritty

  1. GORGING, Big Fatty. We’re GOUGING ourselves with the mandatory health care bill that isn’t a public option. We’re GORGING ourselves on turkey, sweet taters, and ham.

  2. I laughed so hard when you goggled nitty dritty and said “Oh, it’s a band.” As a straight listener, I say renew!

  3. -Huh? -Did the BF say something?
    -I was busy looking at pictures of barenaked ladies.
    Actually, w’ere are a little preoccupied here in the UK at the moment, since the recent flooding of Cockermouth…

  4. Hey, don’t you know your basic Logan’s Run?
    If the crystals flashing black and red, it’s time for renewal!

  5. I voted BF and praised you plenty, I hope it helps. Although I have not voted nor do I listen to Auntie Gerty, oops I mean Gertrude, oops I mean Vera.(Bless her little evil heart which is almost as small as the Grinch’s)

    Happy Thanksgiving BF….I hope you stuff yourself as much as you possibly can.

    I will not be with family this year for Thanksgiving. I am going with Brian and his partner to Brian’s family. Brian will be frying a couple of turkeys for the dinner. I sadly will not get to cook this year, maybe by Christmas I hope.

    Your Biggest Fan,
    David in Denver

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