BFO3755 – Reimagined Waldorf Salad

The Fat One is back at the Villa and has a record of the last few days of the trip to Flo Rida which includes lots of forgetfulness and nattering. Happy National Ice Cream Caaaaaake Day.

BFO3754 – Supervisor

The Fat One closes out the Florida holiday with a recap of his day, lots of nattering and some information regarding the Pride48 weekend. Happy National Pralines Day.

BFO3753 – Stretching for Roger

The Fat One is still relaxing on the vacay but has a recap of his day, some thoughts on the Jeopardy! and several voiceletters. Happy National Hydration Day.

BFO3752 – Walton John

The Fat One recaps his day which includes a restaurant recommendation, lots of nattering and several voice letters. Happy National Onion Rings Day.