BRO3522 – Haunted Villa

The Fat One is back (with guests) with a recap of his day, including the coupon, and a very special taste test. Happy National Oyster Day.

BFO2675 – On the Cusp

The Fat One closes out the week with some nattering, voiceletters, an Ask Big Fatty question and a Hot Nuts taste test. Happy Pink Moon Weekend!

BFO2655 – Blue Lion

The Fat One closes out the first quarter of 2018 with the Vulgarian National Anthem, some Easter packages, a taste test and the announcement of the February So-So Question month contest. Happy Easter Fools weekend.

BFO2483 – Granny Poo

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show with nattering, the coupon, a Big Brother update and some plans about the trip to Amsterdam. Happy “Grab Some Nuts Day.” Poodle said VULGAH!