BFO2647 – Sharting Trio

The Fat One is on his way back to the Villa but has lots of transportation-oriented shart stories today. Happy First Day of Spring (northern hemisphere).

BFO2646 – Start Week 2018

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but Shart Week is here with lots of short-filled stories and near-misses. Call in your Shart story!

BFO2645 – Apple Butter

The Fat One is in Hatlanta but still has a LITTLE show for you with nattering, cvoiceletters and some kerfuffles. Happy St. Patty’s weekend!

BFO2644 – Standard Daylight Time

Beware the Ides of Fat…. well, maybe not. Today the Fat One is off to the HORRAH Hotel but has a LITTLE show filled with nattering, the coupon and voiceletters. Happy National Peanut Month.

BFO2643 – Math Jokes

It’s Pi Day and the Fat One and Poodle want caaaaaaaaaake but instead you get nattering, the opening of a giftette and some voiceletters. Happy Humping!

BFO2642 – Ten Fold

The Fat one is back with more nattering about the weekend and some scams that have him mad as a snake. Happy National Ginger Ale Day.

BFO2641 – Britches

The Fat One recaps the weekend with includes LOTS of nattering and a Gentleman Caller report. Happy National Noodle Month.

BFO2640 – Kohl Mine

The Fat One closes out the week with lots of nattering and some voiceletters. Don’t forget to SPRING FORWARD your clocks on Saturday night as we switch to Daylight Saving Time (Boo Hiss). Happy weekend.

BFO2639 – 113 and Counting

The Fat One takes it off the tracks today with lots of nattering about the coupon, retirement, e-letters and more. Plus there’s an EXCELLENT question answered! Happy National Peanut Cluster Day.