14 thoughts on “BFO2865 – Looking Dapper


    Just kidding. Lovin’ Up on the contest prize giver doesn’t help. ❤️

    Poodle should enter the little contest.

  2. It’s been a long time since I left a comment here, but I’m very willing to give Ms. Bacon something to work on during the #TrumpShutdown. Thanks to the
    Fat One for a delightful show today. Love to all. TomOfTomAndTerryInTheChicargos

  3. Aw. Lookie Lookie!!! Tommy!!! This is my absolute favorite! And look! I am widening the gap with comments.

    Someone ~ like ~ maybe granny can choose the random number.

  4. It wouldn’t be the first time that there is more content on the comment section than on the little show 🙂

  5. Hi Big Fatty and Miss Bacon,

    Who would not love a Benjamin?
    I sure know I would.
    I could get a wax or something.
    I hope the shutdown ends soon, not getting paid truly sucks.

    With love & a laugh, Francie
    Hug Poodle & Squeeze Squeaky Kitty

  6. I’m on Google Images scanning the Benjamins. Do I get my pick if I win? Or do you pick one for me, Ms. Bacon?

  7. Awe!! Francie ~ thankfully we are fine. I’m just bored. And I have a lot of work not getting done.

    Whit!!!!!! Good one!!! Love it. Well, if you find a Ben you like I will see what I can do.

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