BFO2870 – Miss Dunaway

The Fat One has an update on his day in Hatlanta and some observations about the dynamics of Assisted Living…. plus there are more #1 fan entries! Don’t forget the deadline to enter the #1 fan contest is FRIDAY, February 1 at 5pm in the evening EST.

6 thoughts on “BFO2870 – Miss Dunaway

  1. Q: What do gentleman callers to the hat cave in hatlanta say?
    A: In Georgia. In Georgia special chair too! Thank ya!

  2. Dining Room Dynamics is the perfect phrase to describe why my wife always
    tries to visit her father at meal time. Sometimes assisted living reminds us of
    middle school. Drama!

  3. I sure hope you have unlimited texting with your phone plan.

    BTW you can leave a group chat by highlighting your name and selecting leave group

  4. Ya know Figs, I can only wish that my son turns out to be the son that you are.

    Also, I love Buzzer! I try to watch it whenever I think of it. I don’t have it included in my cable package, but I do get Game Show Network. Love me some Match Game ’77.

    Hey Ms Bacon. How you doin?

  5. I’m golden.
    Ready to finish this week off.
    Since I got NOTHING done during the furlough I’m using the hope of Spring to motivate me to get some purging done.

    Fart!!!! You’re a great son.

    Everyone: He pulled my chair out for me in DC. SUCH THE GENTLEMAN.


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