3 thoughts on “BFO3124 – Two-Timing Beaver

  1. Psychic Fatty!
    This week I was really sick. Pain like never before. Did not go to the cannery. After consulting Dr Goggles I was sure that I have diverticulitis and was of course already half into the light. What was the first thing ob the opening today? Diverticulitis! This is amazing and a little disturbing as well. I am still alive because I regularly listen to the little show and know all about fiber and Super Bowls. I think this sad little story is crappy enough to qualify as entry for the Number Two Contest!

    Dr Stone has uncovered my little side business. The U in U-haul stands for Uber.

  2. I wish the medical industry would get their heads together and define diverticulitis and just have one meaning for it. When I had my colonoscopy they said some signs of diverticulitis it’s common it comes with old age. See you in 10 years.

    So basically they’re just like little pockets in your colon that can turn into polyps or something like that well there’s this guy that works where I work and he has severe diverticulitis and the worst thing for it is oh sunflower seeds but what does he do all day long piece a tennis desk and eats a bag or two of sunflower seeds every single day and drinks Pepsi with it. The gastroenterologist said the worst thing you can do for your self is and drink soda especially while you’re eating. The other thing he said was your stomach gets the food in it and the acid is to break down the food and when you’re watering town the acid and either causes the acid to make more acid or causes it to do less I can’t remember.


    It’s month end. I’m reading comments.

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