BFO3121 – Get Acquainted

The Fat One is back with a recap of the weekend, to include a Gentleman Caller event, and lots of #1 Fan entries… plus a salute to Australia Day. Happy National Chocolate Caaaaaaake Day.

BFO2089 – Chicken Boy

The Fat One celebrates our Mexicans in the Future today before reading January Content Contest entries and then nattering about some e-letters and other LITTLE shows. Happy National Candy Month.

CLICK HERE to see the gin slushy video I mention on the LITTLE show.


BFO1827 – Pushin’ His Buttons

The Fat One kicks off #1 Fan Week with an explanation of the requirements to become the #1 Fan, plus there is the Weekend Update and a Gentleman Caller report. Happy Australia Day!


BFO1304 – Here Come the Quiz Programs

The Fat One closes out the week with a special tribute to those in the future plus visits to the Fat Cave for some quiz program previews and to Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Full Moon Weekend!