BFO295 – Lethargicast

The Fat One feels like Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction…. he’s a movin’ kinda slow.  There’s nattering and moaning and talk about some quiz programs but then BF perks up after a special phone call.  Happy Monday.


3 thoughts on “BFO295 – Lethargicast

  1. NO, NO, NO!!!! Michael Sarver did NOT get voted off of American Idol. It was Alexis Grace. Further evidence that you not only don’t listen to my show, but you also don’t read my blog, where I post a recap of the results show. Sad, truly…

    I’m going to join Auntie Vera and say that it’s just so sad hearing the decline happen in real time…

  2. “Rocky Horror Picture Show” = Susan Sarandons big tits. Don’t know The Time Warp lyrics?Im questioning your gayness BF.

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