7 thoughts on “BFO300 – Snickacast

  1. So it’s your 300th, huh? You realise we’d have to actually listen to know that, right? I mean, we’ve already given up 4 days of our lives, four days we’ll never get back, except in leap years, and you expect us to remember what episode you’re on?

    Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve enjoyed all four days. Keep up the good work! (happier now?)

    BTW, Nell Carter died January 23, 2003, aged 54 “from heart disease complicated by diabetes, in her Beverly Hills home that she shared with her domestic partner Ann Kaser”, according to Wikipedia.

  2. Oh my. How on earth did it slip by me that episode 300 was today. Congrats my darlin. I owe you a cup cake in the chucktown this weekend.

  3. Aw, congratulations on episode 300, BigFatty!
    May you receive a visit from 300 oiled greek gentleman callers.
    In leather.

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