Oh the Horror!  Satellite imagery caught this photo of the REAL Auntie Vera during her visit to Mickey’s Backyard Barbecue at Gay Days.  Not surprisingly, it was the last EVER Backyard Barbecue.  Doesn’t looking at that make you want to “get all up in it?”  Also, the wig threw Big Fatty off in his photo search for the Sea Hag since she professes to be “old, fat, bald and can’t walk”……


Bwomp Bwomp

Big Fatty got, yet another, name wrong.  In the group shot from the Chicargo Listener Meet and Greet, the Fat One got EVERYONE’s name CORRECT except for Jeffrey.  The Old Fat Thing listed him as Jimmy (amazingly not Larry).  So to make up for that error, here’s a photo just for Jeffrey (with assistance from The Other O).