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  1. You said “Fuckin” more times than JMH said “Awesome!”

    I hope that the medication that they could not refill was not for your blood pressure.

  2. Yo, could someone in the Charlstons pop over and rub the big guy’s shoulders for five minutes?
    -I spent half the show fending the PC speakers off with a chair.

  3. maybe a gentleman caller had BF “unavailable”. But we all know is was an accident none the less.

  4. AWESOME!!!! I hope that green bottle is handle sized.BTW-your an awesome person.

  5. I miss the big fat one, but damn you need to take a vacation or something. Don’t let stupid people ruin your day, after all, you will feel better tomorrow, and they will still be stupid.

    PS: can you please get some facebook connect action on here, I hate typing all this fucking info every time I want to comment on a blog.

  6. OMG, get out of your coal mine. Everyone knows season 3 premieres June 27th on Pride48.com, I mean really…

    And we have 3 hosts now, Matty and a young gay whore from Turkey.

  7. BF I finally got to listen to this episode
    I was grinning ear to ear, You have your hands full and we all have co workers that don;t have a fucking clue how ignorant they are and insinsitive to others.
    I myself have a few coworkers that atleast 3 days a week I get jumped before I even have time to put my lunch down, grab a coffee and punch in, yes our coal mine makes us use a time clock, albeit a new fangled hand scanner.
    Often I will be in the process of scanning my hand and will get the :I know it’s early, but I have a problem blah blah blah.”
    If I’m in a really pissy mood I’ll reply back with I’ll be able to talk to you in XX minutes.
    But I also use the “Can I fucking get a cup a coffee and sit fucking down first?”

    They have no since of time or how ignorant they are, I wish a few of them would leave, and not come back.
    I’ll have to leave a Blow it out with BF voice message soon about this.

    Glad to hear you are back up and running the Interwebs are now 100% now that we can access the BFO.


    Brian in Danbury

  8. PS, what are you now doing with your Fridays, now that your Coal Mine is 4 days?

  9. LORD! Blow it out, Big Fatty! Its good to get all your emotions out there rather than keeping them cooped up inside. Give your emotions all the fiber they need!

  10. So sorry you had a horrible day – I am having the same issues with WordPress and the last 20 seconds of this show was so damn funny! Mommy I have a penis!

    Hugs to you and hope you will have better days coming up

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