6 thoughts on “BFO353 – Awesome!

  1. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve found a way in which both the BFO and ArcherRadio aere alike: I had to listen to both your shows to hear what the hell you were talking about when I was on the Skypes with y’all. YOU two could hear your music and such, but we couldn’t. Good to know that you—or we—weren’t crazy or, if we are, this wasn’t evidence of it.

    Oh yeah, and when I was a kid, German Chocolate Cake was always my favourite.

  2. Has the upcoming picture of Jeffery been hermitically sealed in a mayonnaise jar and kept on Big Fatty’s front porch until noon today?

  3. What the hell?? I tried to download the BFO today,and all I could get was the APO…..(Awesome Person Online)

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