15 thoughts on “BFO359 – Jöö Know?

  1. I love your laugh, too, BF. BTW, the ONLY part of “Forrest Gump” I’ve seen is Big Fatty’s scene. Is there any more to the film? I wouldn’t know.

  2. The Big Balls was on while I was at the gym. When the motivator hit that woman, the entire gym burst out with laughter. It was a moment that unified us all.

  3. Hi, Big Fatty:

    I heard on today’s ruined edition that no one had leapt to British John’s defence of his (clearly pompous) phrase on your Wednesday show. If I understood his English pronunciation (as passed along by your charming South Cackalacky accent), the word in question is porte cochere.

    From merriam-webster.com :

    French porte cochère, literally, coach door
    Date: 1698

    A roofed structure extending from the entrance of a building over an adjacent driveway
    and sheltering those getting in or out of vehicles

    Well… either that, or Ricky went and found himself a Puerto Rican cashier at one of the Disney gift shops (cause you know how he likes the Mexicans). Sorry, Ricky.

    Love, Peace & Bacon Grease, BF…

    Dels in Dallas
    BFO Resident Grammarian

  4. I know what a “booze cruise” is so I’m guessing it’s something similar. So, instead of taking a boat from Britain to France for cheap booze, it’s a bus trip from “A” to “B” for said liquid beverage. From the reference to Scotty, I’m guessing it’s from one part of Australia to another. Am I close?

    If you follow this logic what do you call it when Americans go across the border into Canada to buy toilets that are not “low flow”? Would it be a “toilet trip”?

    Weirdly yours,

    Tim in Tampa

  5. Hi Tim,a booze bus is mainly for guys from Queensland after a big night on the turps,and some all night shagging.After that walk of shame to your car,feeling NQR,and still a bit pissed,you had better watch out for the booze bus.The police set up roadblocks THE DAY AFTER the big night in the A.M.If you get caught,you sit in the bus with the other pissheads until it’s time for the party to head to the cop shop.Double points Tim if you guess what a BEER WENCH is,or a GOON BAG.Hoo Roo.(no emailing Scotty either)

  6. BTW Tim,its useless to use logic in regards to what Americans do to what Aussies do.I doesnt work

  7. Ok, Bob I give. I know when I’m beaten. Think I need to quit while I’m behind.

    Maybe this could be the Fat Ones new segment. Guess the local colloquialism! He is an “International Internet Celebrity” after all. I’m sure he could get lots of suggestions (well,……… he gets “suggestions” anyway) for phrases and terms. The the “Horror” terms alone could go on for weeks! “Rusty Trombone” anyone? And no Big Fatty, that’s not an offer.


    Tim in Tampa

  8. Andy Dick taught me how to rusty trombone in 2005,and I taught it to Sara Blank.

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