Correct Show 364 Posted

This is proof positive that you should NOT multi-task while posting your podcast… it’s ALWAYS RUINED.  The correct show is now posted for FRIDAY.  RUINED.  It’s your chance to unsubscribe (from Auntie Vera) and resubscribe to the BFO or listen ONLINE!

5 thoughts on “Correct Show 364 Posted

  1. Since comments have been low, maybe everyone already has unsubscribed?

    Have a great one fat one – spread the love 😉 yikes!!! Did I really say that?

  2. I hope you never leave us Big Fatty.Jeremiah…could you please do a podcast?

  3. I couldn’t listen to one without the other to ballance it out.
    BF burps and Vera slurps.
    -that’s how you tell them apart 🙂

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