7 thoughts on “BFO365 – Missed Interstitials

  1. I don’t know about you, Big Fatty, but Pride48 wore me out! I’m so tired, but it was loads of fun! Thanks for being a part of a wonderful weekend.

  2. It’s Billy “Mays” not “Dean” You hopeless Fat Tard.

    And another thing. Any popcorn I get…..I’m going to share… And I know your PO Box address.

  3. BF you better hope Omar does not jump right in Cameron the Camry and drive right
    down to the South Cakalacky and slap your mouth. Omar does not look like the Billy
    Mays. Omar is very handsome and Billy Mays looked like he was half Cro-magnon.

    I love you BF but I think you may need to get the glasses updated.

  4. Hi ya!

    Just wanted to tell ya I really enjoyed your shows on Pride 48. Realizing your first show
    was traumatic for you, it was also endearing. A lesser man (no pun intended) wouldn’t
    admit to a fuck up. Honesty is hard to come by. Some how you however, just bulldoze
    through it all and make for one of the more memorable segments. Guess that’s why
    we all love ya. Your always Big Fatty.

    That being said, Sunday night was a lot better 🙂

    Catch ya next episode,


  5. Hey BF…my goodness you poor old thing. Yes you are getting forgetful on many things. Brian and I sent you some of those mints and while back. I also think one or two others did as well. So you should be good on bacon (piggy) mints. Unless you took them to the coal mine and left them for the other coal workers.
    How funny,,,I did not think you said Billy Mayes, but I thought you were saying it wrong on purpose…you know hows you is! !

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