BFO361 – Readjusting the Buttocks

The Fat One is having problems with the WordPress so the comments are all screwy as was the time shown for the Monday show.  RUINED.  Regardless, there’s plenty of nattering today about Father’s day, the instantPhone or inappriopriatePhone and snicka-snacking.  DC doesn’t have the only trainwreck…. too soon!


5 thoughts on “BFO361 – Readjusting the Buttocks

  1. Hmmm… a naming contest for the iPhone?

    How about iiiPhone? (That would be short for inappropriate international internet Phone, or since all things international resolve to Mexican in Big Fatty’s world, you could nickname it ay-ay-ay-Papi.)

    What do I win? A picture of a kitty?


  2. I wanted to let you know that on Sunday I talked with my dad and told him thanks for having sex years ago so I could be here and he said you are welcome and that he had enjoyed it!


    I have the new IPhone as well and love love it!

    I also called Tim to make sure they were both safe and so glad they were!!

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