BFO388 – Giant Tallywacker

The Fat One is back to a regular trainwreck filled with gas, voiceletters and a little breaking news.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Kim Beaver Special Day yesterday.  Look for a special photo on the BFO today at noon!


6 thoughts on “BFO388 – Giant Tallywacker

  1. Awww I love Xmas in summer 🙂 this is how Arthur must celebrate it 🙂 Do post a picture of the lp Maybe Archerr still has a record player in his tech-museum?

    Thanks again for yesterday. It gave me quite a few podgasms 🙂

  2. Oh, btw isn’t Tally Wacky a town somewhere near Atlanta? I’ll have to ask Miss Wes. He knows everything about the Tally Wackies in the South 🙂

  3. Tallywhacker… hmm. Now where have I heard that term before? Oh! That’s right, that’s what my brothers and I were taught to call our *members* when we were young. Ha ha!

  4. I always call the penis Mr Happy and his two boys!

    So glad you enjoyed the shirt – love your laugh so much

    I did a show for the wonderful Kim Beaver too – she is so fabulous


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