BFO383 – Fat & Stupid

The Fat One strolls down Memory Lane with stories about a one-armed man and a dead rat.  Plus there’s voiceletters and some call-outs.  Be warned Larry the Lurker.


BFO382 – Varcano

The Fat One has a great Hump Day in store for you today.  There’s lots of comments on the Tuesday show to share plus a few surprises!  Don’t forget to come back at Noon today to see a photo of the Sea Hag.


BFO381 – Tireless Companion

The Fat One reads some e-letters before he talks a little serious (not much) about “being remembered” and playing a special voiceletter.


BFO380 – Post Patrick’s Piddling

The Fat One recaps the weekend (no wineries to report on) before having a “Blow It Out With Big Fatty” segment.  Happy National Lollipop Day.


BFO379 – Tootsie-Wootsie

It’s an “All Memory Lane” Friday.  The Fat One talks about Apollo 11, has a sing-a-long and some music for you to enjoy as you start your weekend.  Call Señor Gordo this weekend… he needs voiceletters.


BFO378 – He’s Just a Drunk!

Big Fatty starts the day off with a sad moment as the Podcast World bids farewell before chitta-chatting and taking some voiceletters.  Happy National Fudge Day!


BFO377 – Courtin’ and Sparkin’

It’s Hump Day and Big Fatty turns his focus to Larry the Lurker.  Plus there’s BREAKING NEWS and an admission that the Fat One misses Kim Beaver.


BFO376 – T&T Podcast Exclusive

The Fat One is back from Hatlanta and recaps the last few days with the Hats.  There’s an “Ask Big Fatty” question and an EXCLUSIVE debut of a new “podcast.”  Back to the Coal Mine!


BFO375 – Pride48 Carnage – Part III

The end is near, the end is near!  However, there’s entirely too much of the Sea Hag in this episode which was originally the 3rd segment of Big Fatty’s final hour on Pride 48.  Send all complaints to P.O. Box 561, Woodland Hills, CA  91365.