BFO2032 – Keep ’em Guessing!

The Fat One has a FULL LITTLE show today with nattering, a visit to the Villa mailbox, voiceletters including an Ask Big Fatty question, and a message from a lurker! Happy Weekend.

Here’s the LINK to Logan’s bike ride.


BFO1426 – Math is Your Friend

The Fat One has a FULL weekend update to include the last couple of days in Hatlanta, the coupon and a Gentleman Caller report. Plus a very special e-letter. Happy Monday.


BFO794 – Ratty Chrima Wreath

The Fat One shares some post-VD love from listeners via voiceletters plus there’s big news for all you Hemmeroid phone users.  Happy half price VD candy day!

BFO377 – Courtin’ and Sparkin’

It’s Hump Day and Big Fatty turns his focus to Larry the Lurker.  Plus there’s BREAKING NEWS and an admission that the Fat One misses Kim Beaver.