BFO2032 – Keep ’em Guessing!

The Fat One has a FULL LITTLE show today with nattering, a visit to the Villa mailbox, voiceletters including an Ask Big Fatty question, and a message from a lurker! Happy Weekend.

Here’s the LINK to Logan’s bike ride.


2 thoughts on “BFO2032 – Keep ’em Guessing!

  1. I have another excellent contest idea anyone who wants to participate calls in and says big fatty give me a date you pick a date either a date or you pick a month and the year and that person has to go back and listen to the podcast on that date and then they have to call back with a summary of that little show but they only have 30 seconds to say what happened on that little show

  2. Fart I’m losing my mind I was just trying to figure out why my iPod wasn’t downloading your show and why it wasn’t updated so after about 25 minutes I figured out that my Wi-Fi was needing to be reset so I reset that and then I’m looking at it going why is it still not downloading and then I come to your website on my cell phone and I’m on my Wi-Fi and it’s working but it’s still not working on the iPod so I turn the iPod off I’m looking at the cell phone And then I’m going to listen to your show from my cell phone off your website and I realize that I already listen to it that way at work while I was at bedding and seriously I am like losing my mind I should’ve really been a big drinker I think drinker people are more stable than me

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