5 thoughts on “BFO423 – Fizzy Gravy

  1. My best friend had a Creepy Crawler machine in elementary school, we would make them every day! I still remember that smell…ughhh vile.

  2. I had “Thing Makers” for Creepy Crawlers, Creeple People and The Fright Factory. I also had a Vac-U-Form. Both toys utilized hot plates that got EXTREMELY hot. Can you just imagine the lawsuits today?!!?

    Oh…It’s called a “Wood Burning Kit”. Tough name to remember for a kit that burns wood…..huh?

    Poor old fart.

  3. Wow..how cool ! I had most everything you had as toys, light bright, my sister and I would play Barbies and GI Joe camp outs with our campers. I also had some Hot Wheel strips that put together and then let the cars race down, and I could make it pretty long with one loopty-loop.
    Yes I had the robots. Being the only two children and grandchildren, we made out with Santa bringing us many things. My sister and I and a metal kitchen set, you know refrig, stove, utility counter for pots and pans and dishes and pretend can goods. Oh yes, and a small table and chairs.
    Yes a Mister Potatoe Head, Ants in the Pants, and many more.
    We lived on a farm and yes we had many outdoor toys to play with as well. One in particular and I wish I still had was a toy car that you could pedal from the inside, was a Mustang, incuding the plastis shiny hubcaps for the time of the car. Yes, my sister and I were spoiled, but most things we did not even ask for, it was given, Santa was good to us.

  4. Like AVC, I had a Fright Factory. I read somewhere that they changed the formula and such so they could dramatically lower the temperature, but you don’t hear about it anymore, do you? Hm? What about Jarts? A lawsuit waiting to be filed. I had many of the toys you did, of course (you’re not that much older than me, sadly). Though, if you read my blog (yeah, right), you’d know I posted about this several days ago…

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