8 thoughts on “BFO431 – Nat-O-Rama

  1. Um……..you are in the shit.
    Um………..I’m not so sure Jeremiah’s phone call is going to be the most colorful we hear this week.
    Um…….good luck brave man.

  2. Um. Thank the Lord Theresa didn’t have shit in her throat to clear adnauseum.

    And thank goodness for my podcasts to listen to as I am stuck in jury duty today.

    Hugs to the Fat

  3. Hey! I knew exactly what I was gonna say when I called. The voice letter box cut me off twice before I was able to record my message so I had to talk fast. Though I must say, the editing was hilarious! If Jeremiah’s call is not heard on tomorrow’s show, there will be UNSUBSCRIBING all over the Pacific Northwest!!

  4. Tom and I will riot in the streets! We’ll be coming for you, Big Fatty… and NOT in a good way!

  5. You have to post the folsom vajayjay pics at once! Please! Pretty please 🙂 I need something to cheer me up after a rather shitty day at the fish cannery and I am sure this might help.

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