5 thoughts on “BFO561 – Gazing With Steven

  1. Awh..Brian and I are honored that you let your grandson sleep under the Hamisal. That is so sweet, I am sure you tucked him in like a good grandpa would, well, from what hear maybe you just poured him on the couch or what ever and threw the Hamsal over the top of him..LOL. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, with all of your guests there. I know Brian and I wished we could have been there for the grand event, maybe sometime we can. I know I would love to meet you in person as well as your other fellow pod casters. They sound like a great bunch of friends.

    David in Denver

  2. I’m glad that the Fat One is the South Carolina welcome center! Great weekend with Steven, Joe, Fatty, Graveetas… I think that’s it.

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