BFO560 – Special Envoy

Dear Gussie, someone sounds like a 100-year-old shut-in on today’s show but still is able to take the train off the tracks and throw in some voiceletters to boot.  It’s Puppet Show Weekend in Chucktown so there should be plenty to natter about on Monday.  Remember to get your palm read on Sunday.

10 thoughts on “BFO560 – Special Envoy

  1. I remember that Chevy commercial (or similar). So, DID you get any fresh orange juice from the (W)hole Foods? BTW, I can’t “answer the census”, being as how I live overseas. But—BREAKING NEWS—apparently, Doritos are coming to the New Zealands! You heard it here first! (one must keep one’s priorities straight).

  2. I’m having sympathy cold symptoms! I think you passed it through the airwaves! ): I hope you feel better Big Fatty!

  3. Hope you’re feeling well enough to thoroughly enjoy the puppet show weekend as only BF can! Looking forward to hearing the weekend activity report.

    BTW … you’ve never sounded better. Ruined!

  4. Ruined Vocabularium
    Piddled Around – late night touching of one’s penis while checking emails on Manhunt

  5. Did someone hut Kermit with a truck?

    What was that croakfest?

    Hope you feel better v. soon.

    I remember puppet shows as a child…a policeman beating off a crocodile with his big black (sorry Julian) thing!

    BFO iPhone app challenge has been accepted!

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