4 thoughts on “BFO559 – Good for a Cackle

  1. Wow. THAT was electrifying podcasting. Perhaps on your next show you could play other people’s shows for the entire 20 minutes instead of just 18.
    Deja Vu kisses,

  2. WTH? That was NOT me!! My hair is naturally curly, but even if it wasn’t, I would NEVER been seen in public with curlers in my hair!! I am WAY too classy of a broad for that 🙂 HOW DARE YOU!!! Seriously, that was not me, but I have to admit she did kind of sound like me.

  3. Hey BF,
    Just wanted to tell you that yes I got your email just fine. I am back on my own computer so this may be the reason why it did not work earlier. Look forward to your next show.

    David in Denver

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