3 thoughts on “BFO36 – Terminally Gazing

  1. Great chat with Tim. The spitting story was great! We learned so much about him in such a short time. Big Fatty knows how to get the answers. Hahaha…yes, I’m old but I have his site bookmarked so I don’t have to spell it. And hell, you can tell them to go over to our sites and find the link. I think you need to have him back to talk some more.

  2. Greta show. I head about Tim on Archerr, started listening to his show, and found out more about him on the BFO. But why no “Good, Gosh and Gay”? Did the photo distract Big Fatty? Or does that mean the GGG rule for “The Gaze” guests only a suggestion?

  3. Another great show – really have been enjoying Tim from Terminally Single – so putting the two of you together is a great combo – one big cock and one big fatty!

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