6 thoughts on “BFO37 – C*nty McC*ntc*nt Returns

  1. I can’t believe you can yawn right in the middle of recording your show. Are you that bored? hehehe

    I remember reaching into my easter basket as a kid and getting that handful of grass. I was much more anal about it and pulled each piece of grass out so I wouldn’t eat it.

    I don’t think I’ll do well with the Memory Lane Music this week. I didn’t watch many cartoons and I didn’t recognize Top Cat at all. Oh well.

  2. We had a bag phone wired into our Chevy Caprice Classic.. That is soo 1992

  3. I’ll have to dig up the photo of me using the old GTE Mobilenet – all 15 pounds of it! Remember, it’s the one Don Adams used to pitch.

  4. Great show and so glad people are you sending you some phone love on your bag phone – amazing the quality of the calls from that antique!

    My old boss still has his bag phone in his car – but he is so damn cheap!

    I have to echo what Archer said regarding the yawn – didn’t Tim and Archer tell you about the edit button?

  5. Oh sweet Jesus – help me. Did you know Big Fatty, that Cunty McCuntcunt has a German sister? Frieda Funze (Foontsay) is her worthy name. She works for my dsl internet provider. She called today my land line not once, but six times. “Hello – this is Frieda Funze Freenet AG, can I talk to Mr. Michael in Stuttgart? Hello? Heeeelllo? Do you hear me? Hellooo” This went on and on. Her longest try was 4 minutes of greeting, asking, waiting, asking again. Well, what she didn’t understand is the fact that an answering machine doesn’t actually “answer” a call or even questions. I have an automatic message “Please leave a message after the tone .- beeeep” What is there not to understand?! She left no message nor a number. So I had to find one online which I called and where they kept me 20min in a “wait -answer-what is your problem – dial 1 if you want to fuck this company” rountine. The last question was: if you want to talk to a member of our service team, dial 1″ What I did and then they just disconnected. Ruined!!!

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