6 thoughts on “BFO35 – Voiceletterpalooza Part II


    That is the WORST insult you can give an aussie!
    please check with Arthur what would happen if i called him an Aussie!!

    i’m unsubscribing!


  2. I love that Big Fatty Beasley doll!

    I’ve grown to love Auntie Vera Charles and thank you for send me her way.

    I have absolutely no clue what that show was for Memory Lane Music. When it first came on I thought it was the TV show version of Planet Of The Apes. But I was wrong.

    Oh my gosh! We got a skull update! We haven’t heard about her forever. I bet she looked beautiful her outfit. It sounded very springy.

    We need Quantas Air to run our government with gripes like that!

  3. Heh heh heh….Big Fatty needs a World Atlas! Do you suppose the iPhone comes with one built in? Calling an Aussie a New Zealander (or vice versa) is like calling someone from South Carolina a Yankee, or worse, a New Yorker. Or, asking a Canadian, “Which part of the States are you from?”

    To help your listeners, Australia is big, dry, mostly empty continent, with a lot that will bite you, sting you, poison you, eat you or just maim you. Then there’s the dangerous wildlife, too. It lies to the northwest of New Zealand, which is a small, lush, green, mostly empty island nation which is more laid back that Aussie, a bit like California, but without the smog, Valley Girls or Austrian head of state. Not all of New Zealand is really like Hobbiton. Just the largest cities. Hope that helps.

    Trivia: Qantas was originally a regional airlines, and its name is an acronym: Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service, which is why there’s no “U” in the name.

    At first I thought the music was “Planet of the Apes”, too, but I remember “The Time Tunnel” well. My friends and I used to play “Time Tunnel” all the time which is funny since as little kids we had no idea about much of anything in the past longer than about a week or two prior.

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