3 thoughts on “BFO39 – It’s Horrible, Horrible, Horrible, Horrible…

  1. Good Girl – trainwreck? rambling? Rather like a single person’s conversation in a nursing home.
    Lol – that must be the weird reason I love you so much Big Fatty 🙂
    Video casting? Life streaming? Good heavens no – seeing your actual faces would be too distracting –
    and how could I do my ironing or girl scouts’ cookie baking for Big Fatty with him being on TV?

  2. So glad you enjoyed the Ustream cast. I had so much fun making it. Sorry for the echo problems. I’ll do it again next week.

    You must have adult ADD….like Eric…you jumped from one topic to the next without finishing the first one. I’m glad you finally brought it back around the John from Ely.

    I watched Speed Racer as a kid….like yesterday, probably because I thought Speed Racer was hot. I’m not a big fan of the Japanese Anime but I did watch that cartoon. I knew there was a movie coming out. I saw the trailer. John Goodman plays the father I think.

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