4 thoughts on “BFO40 – I talk like a seasick sea serpent

  1. Mmmm 🙂 Very interesting information about Chef Mark. Wow – he is cute. But wasn’t he a bottom?
    Personally I never thought that the size of o guy is so important, especially if he usually bottoms.

    All this size-queen business is difficult to understand for me. Why is bigger better, Big Fatty? (I just realized what the “Big” stands for in you name…silly me) Either you can’t sit for days after such an encounter or they give you sore jaws. I once had to pretend that I grinded my teeth when I saw my dentist with pain in the jaw joints. So three cheers for the tiny guys!!!

    Do lesbians have something like that? “Size kings”? “Ey her cl*t was like a kiwi!” I’ll have to ask kim about that. But the obsession for big toys and tools is rather a guy thing I guess.

    And I loved your seasick serpent Big Fatty – I guess they all do 🙂

  2. Uh oh, I must be officially old, because I remember “Beanie and Cecil”. We’re two of a kind, BF. Anyway, what I remember about the show was Cecil shouting, “I’m coming Beanie Boy!” I’m lovin’ this cartoon Memory Lane! Somehow, though, I forgot to tell BF how hot I thought Speed Racer was…

  3. I had no idea what the Memory Lane Music was this week. I’ve never heard of that cartoon before. I guess I’m too young.

    I loved that call from McCunt’s sister. That was great!

    More voice letters? Guess you don’t need me to call.

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