BFO2254 – Pee-Parted

The Fat One starts off the last week of Summer (northern hemisphere) with a recap of the weekend. Happy Monday!


BFO2253 – Harney Peak

The Fat One closes out the week with some nattering before a Vader and Bacon Show episode and a visit to the toy Hall of Fame! Happy Full Moon Weekend.


BFO2252 – Julia

The Fat One has a full LITTLE show that includes nattering about Big Brother, the coupon, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and talk about toys. Happy National Linguine Day.


BFO2251 – Team Teal

The Fat One natters about some happenings on the Dancing’ from Monday night and clarifies the end on the Big Brother NEXT Wednesday. Plus there was a surprise in the Villa mailbox and much, much more. Happy Humping!


BFO2250 – Stinky Feet

The Fat One catches up on some other highlights of the weekend, plus there is a visit to Spotting Big Fatty, quiz program talk and some reading. Happy National Cream Filled Donut Day.


BFO2249 – Pocketbook

The Fat One is back in the Villa after a weekend at the HORRAH hotel with Derwood and Granny with a full report about the weekend. Happy Monday!


BFO2248 – False Start

The Fat One is at the HORRAH Hotal but recorded a LITTLE show for you before leaving. There’s nattering, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and another Vader and Bacon Show.


BFO2247 – Prostate Exams for the Lord

The Fat One has the coupon, a visit to Spotting Big Fatty and several voiceletters – including one from a lurker – on today’s LITTLE show. Happy National Chicken Month.


BFO2246 – Keep On Truckin’

The Fat One has a full LITTLE sho featuring some voice letters, a Big Brother update and some general nattering. Happy Humping!