5 thoughts on “BFO2253 – Harney Peak

  1. Is it April 1st in the northern hemisphere already?
    If not..I reject your resignation Miss Bacon!

  2. The Beaver is so sad – I cannot imagine our little show without Kathy Bacon.
    Take your time dear but please come back soon. We need you.

  3. I respect Kathy enough to believe she knows best about her future collaborations on the Big Fatty little show. But I know many will join me in expressing my deep thanks for all the good will and fun she has shared with us through her zany and lovable phone calls over the years. I will miss them. If enough of us listeners share how we feel, maybe Kathy will change her mind — I imagine Big Fatty will try to be very persuasive! I also want to encourage Kathy and her daughter to do that podcast of their own. All my best to Kathy! <3 <3 <3

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